School principal leaves wife of 7 years for ‘irresistible’ school cook

By / June 6th, 2023
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Collage Maker 05 Jun 2023 03 37 PM 1569

School principal leaves wife of 7 years for 'irresistible' school cook


A woman in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, has been left reeling with shock and disappointment after her husband of seven years dumped her for a cook employed at the same school where he serves as principal.


H-Metro reported that Tambudzai Patricia Sibanda discovered the affair after stumbling upon messages on her husband’s phone. She confronted her husband Givemore Bere and his new lover Veronica Mationesa Kachigwe, at an outing at Laluna.


Sharing her story, the lady wondered why her husband will abandon their marriage of 7 years for a mere cook at their workplace at Great Hood Academy. She also highlighted their past shared experiences, including their joint business ventures and mutual support.


She further revealed that she hoped for a stable and loving partnership, having endured years of being alone after the death of her first husband.

School principal leaves wife of 7 years for 'irresistible' school cook


Patricia said;


“I am disappointed with him. How could he dump me for his cook after seven years together? We have supported each other in our business ventures, only for him to betray me now. I became the mother of his family, and he became a father to mine. Everything seemed to be going well.”


While Bere remained tight-lipped when contacted for a comment, Veronica vehemently denied being a home wrecker. She insisted that Patricia Tambudzai was merely an ex-girlfriend seeking to tarnish her reputation, emphasizing that she had not broken up a marriage but was involved with a widower.


She said;


“I deny the allegations that I took someone’s husband, my boyfriend’s wife died some time ago. “The one who is claiming to be Mr. Bere’s wife is his ex-girlfriend. “They were never husband and wife. She is just heartbroken that they got separated and she is trying to tarnish my image. I don’t know why the two broke up and I feel it’s not fair to pin it on me.”

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