Meet Audrey Hale Brother Scott Hale, Aiden Parents Arrested for Covenant School Shooting

By / June 4th, 2023

The 28-year-old was also known as Aiden Hale. The 28-year-old reportedly opened fire at her former school, which killed three students and three adult staff on 27 March 2023.

Audrey Hale was an illustrator and graphic designer. She has her own website. The Nashville resident was an art school graduate.

Following the incident, there have been a lot of searches related to Audrey Hale and her family.

Covenant School Shooting: Audrey Hale Brother Scott Hale

The Covenant School Shooting suspect, Audrey Hale, has one sibling. As per the source, the shooter has a brother named Scott Hale.

Audrey Hale’s neighbors described her as a very nice person. The transgender woman appears to have been close with her family. Several of her family member’s social media posts reportedly featured Audrey and her brother Scott.

On 6 October 2017, Hale’s mother, Norma Hale, shared a picture featuring Audrey and her brother Scott. “just grateful to be the mother of these two awesome children!” wrote Norma Hale alongside the picture.

Looking at the picture, we can assume that Hale and Scott don’t have much age difference.

Audrey Hale’s neighbors described her as a quite religious person. The shooter’s ethnicity and family origin is yet to be made public.

Aiden/Audrey Hale Parents – Mother Norma Fort Hale And Father Ronald Hale

After Audrey Hale was named the shooting suspect, Hale’s mother deleted her Facebook page.

According to Heavy, Norma Fort Hale has previously posted on the topics of gun control and school shootings.

Aiden’s mom captioned a photo in March 2018, “Very crucial!” and added a link to the Sandy Hook Promise petition to “keep firearms out of schools.”

Meet Audrey Hale Brother Scott Hale, Aiden Parents Arrested for Covenant School Shooting

The suspect’s mother, Norma Hale, shared a second link to the Sandy Hook Promise petition to “make large-capacity gun magazines illegal” in February 2018 without further explanation.

According to Norma Hale’s Facebook page, she is a “Coordinator at The Village Chapel” and “Former Meals Ministry Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator at The Village Chapel.” She is a Nashville resident.

Moreover, she shared her son’s academic success in many of her most popular blogs. In 2019, she said, “Found this in a devotional book I loaned to Audrey….#divinediscovery #perfecttimingofcourse.”

Talking about Audrey’s father, her father identity was revealed, and he goes by the name Ronald Hale.

Audrey Hale Had No Criminal History

Audrey Hale had no criminal history. A 28-year-old shooter may have been driven by “resentment” when she attacked the private Christian school she had attended, according to Nashville police.

However, authorities said that Hale was armed with assault rifles. Thus, she may have conducted a threat assessment on other locations.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake claimed another place was a potential target, but Audrey chose not to attack that place because a “threat assessment” performed by Hale revealed there was “too much security” there. He also believes Hale was a “lone assailant.”

According to officials, body cameras were worn by the cops at the school, and footage from those cameras will be made available to the public.

The police chief added that they think at least two firearms used in the shooting were legally bought in Nashville. Drake added that they are looking into it even though they are unaware of any history of mental illness.

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